This is where the magic begins!

Our qualifications are simple, after completing a 21+ year career in the U.S. Navy Gary turned to production management but found it unfulfilling. He returned to his love of woodworking learning the cabinetry trade in detail and becoming a cabinetmaker while working in a family run custom cabinet shop. Next came being a Plant Superintendent in a large cabinet shop but quickly found it was repetitive production work. Gary joined his former boss in forming a small family owned cabinet company for nearly three years. In 2011 he started working in his own shop mostly doing refinishing and restoration work. 2012 Gary moved to Las Vegas and set up the 2500 square foot cabinet shop. A small family owned and operated custom cabinet shop. We provide full range custom cabinetry services, from minor repairs, additions, hardware upgrades to a complete professional refinishing. In essence – “A New Kitchen” for a fraction of cost of all new cabinets.

This is my full-time job!

I also have another job which is just as if not more important. It brings the magic to the children. As Santa I am blessed to be able to bring lots of joy and happiness to many children and adults. Most would think this a late December gig but in reality, it goes on every day 365 days a year and is one of the greatest things which has become of me.

See us at: santasvegasworkshop.com

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